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The Newsletters have been removed due to technical issues. We will resolve it in a speedy manner.

DSSO publishes newsletters each month.  Subscribers can usually expect to receive their newsletter by the first week of the month.

To start or stop your subscription of DSSO newsletter, you may send your request to Bill Drobkiewicz, Newsletter Editor.  

You can mail your check to below DSSO's newsletter address.  For more information on becoming a member, and thus, receive free newsletter plus other benefits, please check out our membership information page.

If you wish to subscribe to the Newsletter, you will need to pay the $20 subscription fee.  Mail the $20 fee to below Newsletter address.  For more information, contact either Bill Drobkiewicz or Dennis Ross. 
Contact us if you move or have a new address.

Newsletter Address:

D.S.S.O. Newsletter
c/o Bill Drobkiewicz
1059 Spring St.
Medford, Oregon

Email the newsletter at or Bill Drobkiewicz

Newsletter Policy:

Deadlines: 20th and 25th of every month. If 25th falls on the weekend, the deadline is the first Monday after the 25th. Exactly 6 p.m. on 25th is the closing time for the newsletter.

Note: 20th is for stories, events and community news. 25th is for general announcements, advertising, last-minute changes and additions, flyers and other items.

Non-profit organizations may advertise at no charge in DSSO newsletters.  All others are printed at the rate of $10 per issue.  For questions on advertisements, including advertising on DSSO's web page, contact Bill Drobkiewicz, Outreach Director.

You may request back-issue of DSSO newsletter, available from 1992 to present.  Send your request to Bill Drobkiewicz, Newsletter Editor.

 Advertising Policy: Advertising in the newsletter is $10 per month.  A year's worth of advertising is $100 (two months free).  Advertisements can be text, flyer or a combination of both.  Any pictures or photos must be camera-ready as we use a printer and a scanner.  You can send the monies and advertising to the above Newsletter address.