Personal Note



Here is a personal note from Gwen Aguilar, Dennis Ross' daughter:

Hello all my dear friends and family,

I want to thank you all so much for honoring my dad on November 20th.  I want to apologize for not standing up and give speech, but I was emotional watching my dad step down as president.  It was hard for me.  So now I want to tell you all how I feel .

I agree with Frank.  Oregon deaf are so amazing for accepting everyone.  I came from California and when I first arrived here, my heart was hard against deaf because my family was not accepted in California due to my dad marrying my mom who was hearing (we did not find out that my mom was hard of hearing until much later) so my brother and I were outsiders in the deaf world.

Then we all moved here, and I remember Roquel coming over to my mom's house and inviting us all go to the deaf club.  My brother and I were shocked.  We went and all of you were so nice to us.  For the first time, I felt accepted.  You all welcomed and love us so much that you make my family be a part of your family.

For many years in California, my dad tried and tried to be involved with deaf community and, yes, he has few good friends there.  But here my dad finds more; he finally finds "deaf family" he was looking for so long.

Everyone know I want to move back home someday, but you all need to know how much you are my family.  God blessed us for moving to Oregon and meeting all of you.  No matter where God send me or keep me here, I will love you all forever. 

Love you all and God Bless everyone.

Gwen Aguilar